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Narrow AI Predictions: 2023 Update

Time truly seems to accelerate relative to the events that surround us. So much has transpired it feels like decades forced into months. Having been now a little over a year since my first article (which you can read here)…


PixlFlip (PF): Hello ChatGPT. I thought we could have a little chat about the near future and what it may look like with AI. ChatGPT (GPT): Hello! Sure, that sounds like an interesting topic. It’s difficult to predict the exact…

Why Voice Assistants Failed and Personal AI

Few things in technology were as captivating in the 2010s as the concept of a voice assistant. Siri, Alexa, Cortana, and many more were marketed as technological breakthroughs that would give users abilities straight out of science fiction. They promised…

Thoughts On AI Assisted Writing

Writing is a truly revolutionary advent in the course of human progression. The use of writing to record thought and provoke ideas and discovery spans the centuries of civilization. It allows for the free exchange and recording of ideas, allowing…

The Patron Renaissance

A large portion of modern society has it’s roots in the Renaissance. It was the age in human history where, among other things, appreciation of reason and classical teaching was uplifted, the bold ideas and ideals of humanism took root,…