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The plight of someone who bears conviction is that they will be scorned by the world. If left simply to natural defenses one returns that scorn in kind. I find myself often sitting back and wondering how it all came to this. The world has changed more in a decade than it had in a century, and before that had changed more in a century than it had in a millennium. I refer not simply to technology, by rather society. Norms. Customs. Traditions. Things that rooted civilization to the world, offering insight into how all may fit into the society. Those things don’t exist in these times. Customs are to be challenged, not upheld. Traditions are to be disparaged, not honored. Those who still practice them are vilified, persecuted, and yes even killed. Fortunately we haven’t reached open killings in the West yet, though such things are closer to probable than many would dare believe.

We live in the era of a dying empire. The criminal are left to roam the streets looting while the law is turned on innocent citizens. The poor of a country suffer while their government turns a blind eye, spending billions on foreign wars and bringing in millions of immigrants to replace them. Children are being taken from their parents over refusing to let monsters perform “gender reassignment surgeries” on their offspring. Scientists are now ridiculed for even implying that there are biological differences to men and woman, or that the concept of a man or a woman even exist. In fact, what is “a” man or “a” woman anymore? Nobody knows, but you’ll lose your job if you think you do. Veritable facts are now such hot button issues people sometimes are lucky if it’s just their job. You can even go to jail in some western European nations now for such a statement! Ideas that nature need not consciousness to process and hold as true are deemed by many now as “hate speech,” an inglorious catch all term used to swiftly dismiss dissent in any capacity. So called champions of rights will gladly arrest a man reading a Bible in public as they have many times in the last few years alone with no more an excuse than “hate speech” or “bigotry.”

By now there will be two people reading this. Those who peruse knowing there’s truth to what I’ve said and will choose to research for themselves anything they doubt, and another group that will viciously attack me for a lack of sources. There’s no saving the second group anymore. Perhaps there was never a time that they could be saved. I’ve come to this conclusion after so much time writing. In this, the party of a dying empire, they who would ruin the atmosphere are loudly booed down. There will never be a source that is satisfactory for these insidious monsters, because their opinion is the only source they want and I can’t reference that. Nay, I refuse to reference it! When truth is your ally there is only the darkness of ignorance to oppose you. How much more then must you cling to truth when those who oppose you cannot define what truth is! One of the biggest prerogatives of life itself is to seek out the truth of existence. That doesn’t mean when someone is wrong or changes their view that the truth changed. It means that they altered their view to put truth more into focus as they march towards it. Those many mobs of useful idiots now that claim such ridiculous things as true have many in their ranks that actually believe they found it. Of course they didn’t. They just stopped looking for truth once they reached a comfortable spot. Those that know the truth but reject it are the ones that choose to persecute they that proclaim it. These are the people that send death threats to political moderates, discriminate against people for being White, shoot up Christian schools for being “bigoted”, among many other things. These are horrible people. They hate themselves. They hate those around them. Most of all though, they hate you. They hate you for your skin color, your religion, your heritage, your country, and especially your right to an opinion.

Yet I don’t hate them. I don’t think you should hate them either. The Westerner is gaslit into believing that hate is having a difference in opinion. It is not. Nor is it resenting or being repulsed by behavior you feel reprobate. Nor even is it voicing that opinion loudly and proudly. Nor is it fighting against such flagrant ignorance of the truth with votes and finances. Hate is visceral contempt acted upon. Those who let their anger consume them like the voracious monster within are shackled to it. Hatred turns all dissent against what you believe to be true into the attempt of another to stab you in the back. Hate makes manifest ideas into entities that seek to physically harm you therefore they must be destroyed. You cannot see reason when you are filled with hatred. We must avoid such hatred at all costs, for to succumb to it means to be no better than those whom we oppose. Instead be resolved. Stand on that which you know is true. Welcome every chance to have that view challenged. This is how you grow both in understanding as well as character. Know that you may never “win” any debate with many of these people in the sense of a decisive ideological victory. Such wins are rare even among the greatest minds to have existed. What you’ll win every single time though is a refined world view. One that became closer to truth. One to await an even greater ideological challenge in the future.