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There are few subject materials so sensitive in the ignorant West than this one. It’s a matter that touches on many major fundamental questions about individuals and society alike. In a sense this one word has become the leader in the march towards the mythical utopia: a place where anyone from anywhere can be anything at anytime, free of cost and guarded by the beloved state. As such, many up until the most recent of times have not dared ever mention anything negative about the subject. Touching it incurred the wrath of corporation, threats of being unemployable, and the danger of a mob hunting you down via online presence and threatening bodily harm. Only in the few months prior to this publication have the risks of speaking been outweighed by the subject material.

The variable to which I refer as being the object that outweighed the risk is children. Children are the future of any nation. They are the most noble of legacy’s someone can leave behind. They are what give woman something to nurture, and what give men something to protect. There is no bond stronger than the family unit, and evidence enough of that statement is the near century of attempts to dissolve that bond failing. People turned blind eyes when Western governments legalized homosexuality. They ignored companies who celebrated sodomy. They avoided the many events celebrating all manner of perversion that took place in their towns, cities, and screens.

It was children that finally have awakened the obstinate and afraid. A collective realization has finally occurred. The realization is this: by virtue of saying nothing, I’m the reason all of this is as bad as it is now. How bad, you ask, is this abstract “bad” mentioned? Children as young as kindergarten being taught on sexual material. Drag shows for children of all ages. Kindergartners being encouraged to have “gender identities”. Children being encouraged to hide said identities from their parents, or perhaps worse, to report their parents to the state for not “affirming” them. All of these merely scratching the surface of the true rot eating away at the remainder of western society.

This idea of sexualizing children has no basis in science or reality. Puberty can happen at different ages than the currently accepted legal age, sure. However this is not about that. That is sane. This ideology is not. This concept though people have refused to retract or back off from however because the rest of the ideology makes no sense either. Think for a moment. A woman cannot be a man. A man cannot be a woman. A homosexual relationship breeds no offspring and while very infrequently sighted in other mammals is not biologically sound behavior. When none of the platform was built on fact, the addition of a new set of lies assimilates so perfectly it becomes indistinguishable from the state before it. This is what the general public has finally come to realize. This is what finally appears to have broken the camel’s back. There is widespread public disapproval of even the notion of pedophilia, as well as the gender affirmation of minors, males masquerading as females competing in sports, and the like. Unfortunately for those who simply wished for a libertarian style of living their life of sodomy, the movement as a whole has taken up the matter of minors as a hill to die on and has forced society towards that goal at a breakneck pace. There isn’t a day of late the news isn’t full of mentions of teachers in hot water for indoctrinating children into being queer or the like (and that includes the shocking quantity of mainstream coverage disparaging the people who catch such acts against their own children). Talking heads and endless censorship surround the issue at large. Yet despite the state media’s disapproval, despite political leaders standing against their voter base, despite the stories of threats of violence and more to those who speak up, there are more people than ever now finally deeming the risk a cost worth paying for the sake of their children.

Speaking personally, I’ve actually said quite a lot publicly and in private against such matters in the last few years. I’m grateful to COVID for one thing: I now know what makes people cheer, so I care not when they boo. Death is preferable to forced silence under a risible banner of inclusiveness. I utterly despise all sodomy. The thought of the wicked and mentally insane teaching kindergartners such material boils my blood. Nothing less than death is suitable for the people who would operate on a child to perform this butchery, or force such young innocence into “discovering” a mythical sexual identity that will likely lead to their own suicide. I used to be complicit on this issue, as I was on many other issues too. It’s only when I realized a critical detail that it became clear to me logic was useless and compromise impossible.

That detail is this: many who align with this ideology see such horrors done to children as not only acceptable, but morally obligatory. They believe themselves some force of good when they parade themselves in front of the youth encouraging them to defy biology. They believe themselves the righteous for demanding the censorship and silencing of any who dare dissent or even ask questions, for those who disagree can hurt them with words. That use of language alone denominates this abstract concept of “transgender genocide” that is put on display like a prized pig. The entire LGBT letter parade doesn’t need anyone killing them. Statistically they do plenty well at that job on their own considering a staggering 81.7 percent of them have attempted suicide, while actual targeted violence at that community is lower than the female driving rate of Saudi Arabia. A mere 38 individuals out of a population well above 300,000,000 in the United States died of said violence in 2022 (which comically the statistic cited even admits to the victims largely being from communities where violence is already exceedingly high). No, no help is needed in the department of violence. Yet in spite of all the concerns and data to the contrary people will passionately further it, and a sickeningly larger portion of the population will simply support it at the polling booth and ballot box.

The slippery slope is real. Very, very real in fact. Logical fallacies can only exist in the presence of logic, and society now well and truly has none. In the mere decade from legal recognition of homosexuality in the United States to the present we now have infinite genders, infinite pronouns, the men having ax wounds ground into them to say they are woman, the woman injecting testosterone and mutilating their arms for enough skin and flesh to masquerade as men, celebration of open relationships and the worthlessness of marriage, lambasting of any male who acts like a man, and the most wicked of them all the insidious push for child transitioning. Society is crumbling. The insane are well and truly running the asylum and those who could have stopped it are only now finding the courage to speak about the matter. Their sons are no longer sons, their daughters no longer daughters, yet only now have they found their voice. I fear however it’s for naught.

Historically speaking Liberalism never wins. At least, not in the way it wishes to. At the core of society the idealism behind progressiveness is that humanity can defy both Natural Law and natural order to achieve utopia. Transgenderism is not fighting “conservatives” as they might imagine. That worthless group conserves nothing yet claims every new line in the sand is a hill to die on. No. Transgenderism and Liberalism don’t fight them. They are fighting a battle against nature. They are fighting against human nature. They are fighting against Natural Law. I never fear the liberal for I know the outcome of that battle. It’s not a matter of if they can win. It’s a matter of when and how badly they will lose. Not a single politically progressive uprising has ever worked historically, and for good reason. There is an eternal discord to the ideology. Even if it could win the impossible battle against nature it would do so only then to turn and consume itself. Politically left uprisings either are used to place in a right wing governance system (such as the Soviets), or fall to complete anarchy (such as the French). Ultimately nature itself has the final say as there is no way biologically for the same sex or transgender to reproduce. One could use artificial methods, but that quickly falls right back into authoritarianism defeating the argument.

The ideology is doomed to fail. My only regret is it appears humanity never will learn it’s lessons. The Rubicon has been crossed. Society is irreversibly set for a clash using things that hurt more than words. Historically speaking, every such clash does indeed restore sanity and order. However, it exacts a heavy toll for this in blood. I know not when and where such a conflict will begin, though with both sides now at an impasse words alone will never resolve the time appears imminent. A mere spark is all that it will take to set America and the West ablaze. When the dust settles after said conflict I can only imagine how far we will swing the other direction. I lament those including myself who stayed silent in the name of tolerance, for if more had spoken society could have avoided such a calamitous future. People will never consent to their kids being sexualized. Nor will you ever convince someone without a college degree or heavy indoctrination of infinite genders. Much less the virtue of being gay. As for me, I’ll be here after that conflict. I’ll be ready to help pick up the pieces and rebuild society from whatever remains after. It pains me that so many people have succumbed to such a horrid ideology. I don’t hate those individuals though. Their merrily pawns in a much larger game. I pity them for the religion the state chose for them, and I grieve that so many die and must yet die only to return to the same state society was before the ideology arose. It must be this way though. I’ll continue to speak my mind now as it is all I can do, and I’ll hope that others are encouraged to do the same.