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To Be Heard

As of late I’ve found writing difficult. However it is not merrily writer’s block that has been plaguing me. Rather, it is the inevitable juncture I have reached. It is the goal of a good writer to be heard, and a great writer to be understood. Anyone taking time to put pen to paper for documenting in their native tongue the thoughts they wish to share believe in some sense two things. First, they believe that they have something worth saying. Something they hope will add to the public debate. Under proper circumstances perhaps they even dare to hope it may alter that debate. Second, they believe that there exists an audience of people that not only agree with them, but also an audience of those who are willing to hear arguments from a viewpoint they do not share.

It is this second article I find myself no longer able to believe in. It hasn’t been a sudden event. In fact I’d say many things have gradually chipped away at my confidence in the notion. As of more recently though what little confidence I had was dissolved. That realization put a damper on the fire I had to write. No longer is there shelter from factions simply by sticking to hobby or trade. More precisely, I can no longer talk about truth because truth is political now. Science is no longer science, but a trademarked term meaning whatever popular opinion is and what those who speak the loudest proclaim it to be. Biology is no longer biology, but a freak show where people are decried, threatened, and blacklisted from work for even suggesting only two genders exist (a fact so obvious chimpanzees deserve an apology for being seen as primitive). Free speech is no longer free speech as now people make their ancestors weep by crying out for a government to censor opinions they disagree with under the all encompassing banner of “hate speech.” Racism is celebrated, but only the right kind. I can think of nothing that suggests you believe a race is superior than to criminalize the belief in such and handicapping that race at every single opportunity given in society. Worst of all these, the sodomy of transgenderism is championed, where those refusing to kiss the ring of the devil are made to suffer for such action, even as the debate moves to child mutilation (an abomination so reprobate Hell would be a mercy for those involved with it).

The list goes on and on. My dilemma was that I always wanted to bring those opposite me on a matter to the discussion table. I wished to parlay with both the masses and the elect, learning before them as my mind was uplifted into a higher level of knowledge. I now understand in many cases no such debate is possible. Unfortunately, debate and discourse are a luxury item. A luxury that is afforded to those civilizations that have much to gamble wishing to win more. I don’t live in such a nation and such a time for that manner of gambling. I live in the sorry remains of the result of that gambling. Allowing all to vote. Rights for all. Freedoms for all. I’ve been cursed with being alive to witness the results of such huge swings at improving the concept of civilization. The West gambled much, and it lost more than it ever could have imagined. There exists no such higher level of knowledge to be gained. It was a myth all along.

There no longer is a simple fight of differing technological philosophies, economic structures, or petty politics where we bet on which swine of what party will finish a hog race first. No. In the most literal sense the battle of politics has become one of morality, and the battle of morality it one of truth. Truth itself is what has become political. It no longer matters if I’ve spent months or even years researching something; the mere fact that it does not align with someone’s worldview is now enough to simply decry it, even when they themselves know it is true! I’ve seen as many calls to censor information because it is true than because it is false! There exists now a large (perhaps even majority) of society that want access to information, debate, and truth removed from them lest they come to a conclusion that does not align with some pre programmed viewpoint they have already determined “true”.

This is not the West I knew, nor the West I want to live in. There is no longer anything I have in common with such people. I will never support the concept of transgenderism, especially for children. I will never support censoring of truth, lest of all censorship at the behest of a government. I will never support policies such as immigration that hurt the true citizens of a nation. I will never apologize for saying European and North American nations are and should be white. I will never condone godless institutions, for godless nations are what the West is comprised of now. I will defend beauty, artisan, and skill instead of lambasting those who spend years perfecting such skills as the West now does.

Above all that, I will cling to the truth. I will never let popular opinion dictate my views, nor will I refuse to be silent for being of the “wrong” opinion. I refuse political correctness. I will never use your pronouns. I’d sooner be jailed knowing I fought for the side of sanity, beauty, common sense, King, and country than I would sit silently watching society spiral ever further into darkness. Let this reach who it may. I don’t wish to be accepted. I wish to be heard.